Preparing for the future is crucial for those wanting to control and protect their assets for themselves and their loved ones. At Foxton, we specialize in serving several types of clients, each with unique needs and challenges. We educate, empower, and equip you to succeed through our experience, knowledge, and resources. Our goal is to help you reach your goals.


Individuals & Families

We know that you’ve worked hard for what you have, so we partner with you to coordinate all aspects that contribute to your wealth – your financial, retirement, and estate plan, funding your children’s education, and your investments. The individuals and families we work with are diverse. They are employed in different industries, live in many different states around the country, and encompass a wide range of family structures and concerns. At Foxton Financial, we focus our energy on helping to ensure our clients and their families are well-positioned financially for their future life goals. Our process ensures that each plan is designed, reviewed, and adjusted to create resiliency and absorb unexpected life events.

Empowered Women

Since founding Foxton Financial, I’ve come along side with hundreds of clients, and over the years, we’ve realized that the connection we make with women is different. We do our best work with women who are financially responsible for themselves or their families, are proactive in their approach to planning and life in general, and are looking for an insightful, reliable, stabilizing financial partner.

We take great satisfaction in helping each of our clients; however, we are confident that being a financial partner to our empowered women clients is genuinely “our space.”

When it comes to wealth management, we have found that women want to engage collaboratively rather than being told what to do with their money. Through this collaboration, our clients feel more in control of their wealth and future and less stressed and concerned.

At Foxton Financial, we understand the unique challenges of managing a family, your finances, your career, and all the other priorities you might face every day. Let our experience drive your confidence every step of the way!

Retirement Focused

At Foxton Financial, we understand that “retirement” can be overwhelming and scary for some! Are you confident that your resources will allow you to maintain the quality of life you desire for your retirement years or the rest of them? What about leaving a legacy or inheritance to your loved ones? If you are looking for confidence in your financial future, we can help.

Our process starts with getting to know you, your lifestyle, your needs, now and in the future, your finances, and your family. With this knowledge, we’ll prepare a plan, help you implement and make that plan a reality, and adjust it as needed, allowing you to pursue and live your dreams, well into the future.


Financial matters can be daunting even if you have an MBA in business. In addition to managing and growing your money, at Foxton Financial we have the experience to provide you with the education and direction that will empower you to extract value from your business while you’re still running the business and, at the time of a sale or transition.

With your wealth and future tied so inherently to the success of your company, it’s essential to have only the best partners on your team. At Foxton Financial, we, like you, are entrepreneurs but also financial experts. Our expertise will help you to understand your options for retirement planning, helping you prepare now for your desired future.